Tuesday, 28 December 2010

'scuse me?

Mutual language practice at 6am!

This is The Navigator trying to get a word in edgeways.

I’d just like to make mention of the Kindness of Strangers - I know that Kate Adie wrote a book with that title, but as we travel we’ve been meeting the kindest strangers.

Folk that stop on the road to make sure you have enough water; who stop for a chat; who insist on raiding their own supplies to give us gifts of fruit or bread; who help with directions; the lady in the fruit shop who wouldn’t take payment for my small purchase - “it is a gift”; Emanuel, who, when we asked for directions to a campground, jumped on his own bike and guided us on to the right road. There have been so many kindnesses, large and small. All of these folk have joined us in our adventure for a little while, and become a great part of it.

There is no way we can individually repay all these kind folk; all we can do is to pass on the kindness to someone else. In the hope that one day a circle will be completed.