Sunday, 18 November 2012

Dictionary: What’s not fully entered in the OED.

WAVE  v. (no obj.)  move one’s hand, or other appendage, to and fro in greeting.   (ORIGIN)  old English: wafian. 

Landrover wave: (mainly UK):  the restrained elevation  of one finger above the steering wheel.

Motorbike wave: (mainly European): elevation of left leather clad leg from gear peg, extended only to other bikers in greeting and cyclists in sympathy.

Two finger wave: (mainly Anglo-Saxon, Europe, North America): extended by vehicle operators to any incumbent who might have delayed them for a nanosecond, and by incumbent to departing vehicle for a lack of courtesy, respect for road space, or their red necks.

(with obj.) Maté Wave: (Uruguayan): Full elevated  hand movement, with it’s attached bombilla, sometimes preceded with a headlight flash and hoot on the horn.