Friday, 14 November 2014

Clown Awards

The Welsh tourist organisation, a good number of years ago, had an accreditation system for accommodations, using, rather than stars, 'red dragons'. Patriotic, appropriate. Or so I thought, after encountering some of the less than welcoming landladies. We were on a cycle tour, they didn't like cyclists. They seemed well enamoured with our pound notes, it was the bike they had a problem with.

Dragon awards, it's got me thinking. I need a measuring tool for other visitor experiences. So it will not be a surprise if I nominate ' The visitor information services of the he world', as my first category. For this I will use 'clowns'. Characters whose sole aim is to make you laugh out loud. A belly laugh that leaves you feeling replenished. So no irony there. Truly it's the only reaction permissible that will leave you sane.

Automobile Club of Chile, like so many of their ilk, once produced serviceable road maps, the Argentina version still does. We need a map. We pass their Valparaiso offices; the Navigator is on mission, feeling masochistic, and enters. A single solitary answer, augmented by the evidence of her dentist's skills. 5 Clowns.