Monday, 22 November 2010

‘Blood, Sweat and Tea’, and ‘More Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup of Tea’ by Tom Reynolds

There are also new books in the ‘free’ list, from a selection of sources; for example, Tom Reynolds books about the London Ambulance Service. These are articles from his blog made up into book format. I’ve read both of these, and found them entertaining, funny, sad, and at times profound. The formatting is pretty non-existent as the content has come straight from the blog, but I found it hard to stop reading. Tom (real name Brian Kellett) is an ambulanceman in east London. He gives a fascinating insight to his work, and incidentally to life in the big smoke. What really fascinated me was how many hospitals with A & E there are in the city; they never seem to be any further than a couple of miles away. Living on the A1 in Haddington, we regard ourselves as pretty close at 20 miles to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary! And as I watch the motos buzz past with the whole family aboard, including babes in arms, I wonder - just wonder - have we really progressed by not letting the fast response car take a sick baby to hospital because it doesn’t have a suitable child seat fitted?
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