Tuesday, 16 November 2010


A peaceful moment at a very nice gas station camping spot

One of the joys of this trip so far has been the reading material, which has occupied the time not taken up by cycling, camping and living.  The Kindles are a total joy – this from both of us.  Those of you who have seen our home will know that we love ‘real’ books, and there are rather more than you could shake a stick at in every spare corner of the place.  However, we are travelling in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries, where reading material in English is not easy to come by.  That, and books are heavy to carry on the bike.

It does have to be recharged from time to time....

Being the ‘economical’ types that we are, we’ve been happily exploring the free e-books; there are thousands on the Kindle list, and hundreds of thousands more elsewhere.  Mostly these are ‘out of copyright’, generally pre-1926 publications, and we have found some gems.  I’ll review some of them as we go – maybe you’ll find them interesting too. 
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