Friday, 11 January 2013

Paraguay Pink

It’s happening already. We and our clothes are acquiring that Paraguayan Pantile Pink tinge. It’s the iron rich soil, a laterite ochre that comes with ‘new, enhanced staining power’, that with the addition of a night’s rain, makes a paste that reduces the use of sun beds and fake-bake sprays to a state of redundancy. Yet the kids all walk or moto to school in spotless, pinkless, pristine white knee length socks everyday.

The trick, I’m assured is to cover your whites in ‘Omo’, and leave to bake for half a day and only then start the wash cycle. The trouble is, the only whites that I have are the unexposed parts of a farmers tan. I’ve no intentions of exposing them to washing powder and then baking in a Chaco sun. I’ll just need to carry on using the ’Lux’ and the loofah.