Tuesday, 15 January 2013

What Does Llama Taste Like?

Three straight days as vegetarians and I start to wonder if we might have transgressed, broken one of this nation’s constitutional tenets. In doing so, invalidated our three month pass. For many Argentines consider vegetarianism to be an affliction, that’s best cured by hanging bloody, dripping carcasses at every turn. For our part, it hasn’t been a deliberate policy, just one of happenstance and the vagaries of the ‘nada-Mercado‘. An executive decision, based on ending up with a bag of buns that disintegrated to crumb instantly. It was the sole representative of a primary food product that was available in town. Instead of spending a disproportionate amount of travelling time foraging for comestibles, we’ll try to find a comedor around the middle of the day.

Which is how we end up breaking the veggie pledge in place
that has a pen of extremely superior camelids outside. Inside we’re asked to decide between cheese, beef, goat or llama empanadas. ’I’ll have a slice of the big white one outside’, and just to make sure ’I’ll follow with a llama milanesa’, but only because it comes with fries.

The answer to the title question is, of course……Chicken.