Monday, 17 January 2011

The Company Store

Arcor: Industria Argentina.

They mill the oats for our breakfast, the granola biscuits that resuscitate at ‘onces‘, they bake the sesame crackers for lunch and the occasional warm weather treats of multi-flavoured ice creams later in the day. Not only do they construct the contents, they also manufacture the packaging and your change.

The messages, your shopping, are priced right down to centavos (0.165p), fuel is priced down to one tenth of a centavo - you do the conversion math, I can’t see the point. It only perpetuates that wondrous misconception beloved of the global petrochemical industry: that they’re giving you a special deal. Rumour has it that the smallest coin is a five centavo piece, but as the local bus services take coinage only, there’s a distinct dearth of coins, and that expands the problem to a two peso paper note chasm. That sink hole can be filled with an apple-change: the healthy option . Or more usually by a selection of fruit flavoured Arcor-caramelas-change: the company store option. On a number of occasions the proffered change is stored in the cash drawer, which leads me to a novel thought; what would be the reaction if I offered to pay for a small item in candy sweets?