Friday, 28 January 2011

?><#@!!* Technology!

A word from The Navigator.

This is the first trip where we have carried electronic wizardry.  Bad Move.

The first to bite the dust was the Freeloader Solar Charger.  It just did not work at all.

Then Chris's Kindle; it appears to have a bruised face, and refuses to work any more.

Then Lesley's Kindle; no longer wants to connect to the 'Whispernet', so I can't get books, periodicals or e-mail.

The last straw was last night - the Netbook, purchased in Paraguay - the screen is no longer lighting properly, so I'm sitting on the grass in the campground, trying to keep the screen in the sun so that I can see it and me in the shade so I don't fry.  The result is a bit a a fried Netbook and a contorted Navigator.  Not to mention that the WiFi is not man enough to upload the pictures.

Bear with us.  The Netbook and Chris' Kindle will be shipped back to BsAs where we shall decide what to do with them.  Not sure if we'll be able to score a new Netbook here in Malargue, Mendoza, or if we'll have to wait until we get to San Rafael.

Anyone got any suggestions about the screen?  I can see it in full sun, but the backlighting is gone.  I've tried the Display Properties in the Control Panel, to no avail.

The Navigator