Sunday, 6 March 2011

Blasts and Bubbles From the Past.

The five centavo change today came with history, an illicit, guilty childhood memory. For Bazooka bubble gum lives. It still comes wrapped around with a quasi cartoon strip, and the encrypted horoscope. Gone however, at least from this one sample, is the flesh pink colour, replaced by a menta green flavour. However it’s more green than mint. I would like to report on the elasticity of the aspartamine, the bubbleability of the produced balloon, but guilt and conscience are still strong, even after forty odd years. It was always a banned, a total no-no, purchase. Trash. Very non middle class. A cast of sweet that ranked in an even lower league than chewing gum and the penny tray. I give it a few moments of mastication, it swells up to uncomfortable proportions and just as quickly I’m scrapping a hole in the gutter for disposal. It’s as disagreeable as I remember, only now there’s no challenge of the forbidden fruits, no defiance of the illicit goods. No fun at all.