Thursday, 12 December 2013

Aspects Britonic

Chileans do have a certain affinity for certain aspects Britonic. Maybe it's that remnant of dubious gratitude for the strutted 'dance Macabre', executed by a Prime Minister and and a deposed Premier back in the eighties. Or is it 'neighbour hate', that enmity which epitomises many adjacent nations. As long as the UK's tail is being wagged by a few islanders, thumbing their noses at sovereignty, geopolitics and Argentina, then I suspect there will be those of the long, thin country who will smile.

Sitting eating a Chilean empanada, a calorific, arterial clogging culinary confection that, on first encounter, could challenge the Scot's deep fried pizza' s ranking in the salt and saccharin league. Sat taking tiffin at a roadside shrine to the belly gods.The television is on, but silent. The rolling script tells a tale of international news. Three headlines stuck on repeat, a diminishing descent until it hopefully disappears in on itself. A baby's birth weight; six kilograms. Ouch. A calving glacier that's being filmed from a launch by the BBC; they're almost swamped by the tsunami wave. Oops, almost met their.....This segues into Prince William in tuxedo and bow tie, rocking with Bon Jovi. Is it not time for a policy shift? it's not as if he's canvassing for election.

A case of ....Hatches, Matches and Despatches.

Nice to encounter another national newscaster with a grip on its priorities. Or is this a case of seeing ourselves as others see us? Cold as ice.