Friday, 13 December 2013


Or a bloody good score on the Scrabble board.

Happy Friday 13th; it will be if your first language is Italian. If it's Spanish, then it's another saint's day. Santa Luce's, and Martes Trece is your 'dia noir'. If you're Dutch then it's a safe day to drive, or if you're North American you might be one of the 21 million who won't go to work today.

So friggatriskaidekaphobia is a north European Christian fear, an interesting concept, probably dating back only to the nineteenth century, coupling the Good Friday crucifixion and the non-completeness of the number. Others have attributed it to an association with the death of Gio Rossini. Or the popularisation by Dan da Vinci-Brown, of the French crown's arresting hundreds of Knights Templar on 13. 09. 1307, a Friday.

It was pure happenstance that today's next contribution was slated for posting on such an interesting and auspicious date.